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I know you want to live an active, pain-free life, one where your arthritis, joint pain, or sports injury does not impede you from doing your favorite activities.


I also know that you are likely looking for a procedure that is safe, scientifically-proven, and has minimal downtime.

You have come to the right place.

I’m Dr. Goswami, and I’m the founding physician of PreciseCare.

Growing up, my mother guided me to become a skilled physician whose objective was to help as many people as possible. I have tried my best to live up to those ideals. In that spirit, I am always looking for better treatments that permit our patients to heal quickly without any significant downtime or complications.


After having worked in both academic and private practice settings, I was disappointed by the health care system in our country, where the delivery of care is largely controlled by third parties, instead of by physicians and their patients. This was the driving motivation behind creating PreciseCare; I wanted to bring cutting-edge, minimally invasive treatments to our patients, allowing them to receive a superior level of care and quickly get back to leading productive, active lives.

The PreciseCare Team

Dr. Gaurav Goswami, MD

Dr. Goswami specializes in Regenerative and Restorative Sports Medicine, providing advanced minimally invasive (non-surgical) treatments to athletes of all levels and ages. Tissue preservation, quick recovery, and little to no downtime are the cornerstones of his philosophy.

As a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, Dr. Goswami is focused on utilizing his years of experience to help his patients and athletes reach their maximum potential. Continually motivated by finding better ways to care for his patients, Dr. Goswami regularly holds public lectures and workshops to educate and help patients maintain an active lifestyle.

Sandra Deleon

With a B.A. from Cal State University Fullerton, Sandra is our Clinical Assistant and one of the first to join our practice. She has a strong motivation to help others, and as she says, she “loves working with all the people who come to PreciseCare as they always teach her something new.” One of Sandra’s favorite patient moments is when a soccer player in severe pain, with a noticeable limp that prevented him from playing the sport he so loved, came to PreciseCare care seeking help. Seeing two months later after his treatment that he was back on the field playing soccer, reflects her favorite part of her job: helping patients get their mobility back.

Who We Help

Our treatments help people who have:

PreciseCare Cell Therapy™ is different.

PreciseCare-SafetyFirstIllustration_FinalOne of the first medical practices in the area to offer regenerative cell therapy, our stringent treatment protocol maximizes your chances of success. Every detail of our procedure has been perfected and refined, born out of years of experience from performing thousands of minimally invasive procedures, ensuring a better outcome for you.

Our protocol, coupled with Dr. Goswami’s unique expertise in two specialties, makes the treatment quick and effective. To ensure your cells spend very little time outside your body, the entire procedure is performed in one visit. They never leave the procedure room and there are no third parties involved in their preparation or selection. Like you, we honor your regenerative cells.


How Our Process Works

All of our treatments start with an initial, one-on-one evaluation with Dr. Goswami.

To get more details about what our PreciseCare Cell Therapy™ process looks like, click the button below.

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