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Are you tired of your arthritis, joint pain or sports injury getting in the way of being able to do the things you love?

We want to help you find relief, without having to resort to surgery.

Our focus at PreciseCare here in Newport Beach, California is to offer treatments that are less invasive and a better alternative to surgery. We want our patients with arthritis, joint pain or sport injuries to heal as quickly as possible.

Our PreciseCare Cell Therapy™ uses your own stem cells to tap into your body’s natural ability to heal itself. These regenerative cells can actually grow new tissues, cartilage and ligaments…allowing your body to repair itself.

The most common thing we hear from our patients is: “Every day I can do more. My life is coming back.”

“I was in a lot of pain, in the knee and hip, and I couldn’t even walk straight. I was limping a lot. They offered to replace my hip or choose stem cells. I decided to get stem cells.

I feel great. I started doing things I couldn’t do before. I started running, I started bending, I started doing sports. I couldn’t do any before. My life is coming back.”

Gustavo G.

“I had heel pain everyday upon waking up in the morning. I work out and am on my feet for work daily, which makes my day feel twice as long with my feet pain.

I tried steroid injections, stretching, a boot and numerous other remedies. I heard a lot about this type of stem cell treatment and know others that have benefited from it.

I did the procedure on November 6th and as of today, December 10th my feet are great. The procedure was not much different pain wise from a steroid injection. The results don’t mask the problem, but fix it. My feet took a few days to start feeling normal, and after that, I have to say I am amazed. My feet are feeling fantastic, and I am so happy to have done this to regain my normal life back.

Dr. Goswami is so great with explaining everything, and his staff was great with making me feel comfortable and informed about every detail.

My feet are my life. When my feet are hurting, it’s no fun and a lot of sitting. My family and work appreciate it almost as much as I do. Thank you PreciseCare for getting my feet back to normal.”

Jaime B.

Why consider PreciseCare Cell Therapy™?

Regenerative medicine is scientifically-proven and has some incredible advantages when compared to surgery:


Minimal downtime

The recovery process is easy and quick.


No general anesthesia

The procedure is done while you are awake.


No scars or stitches

No surgery means no stitches required.


Very safe

This treatment is very safe, as you are using cells from your own body rather than from another individual. In fact, a blood transfusion is riskier than stem cell injection therapy.


Quick procedure

The treatment is performed in one sitting lasting a couple of hours.

Our Stem Cell Injection Therapy Process

When undergoing a treatment at PreciseCare, here’s what you can expect:

Step 1

stem cell injection therapy at PreciseCareFirst, you’ll come to our office for an initial evaluation. (If you’re not located in the area, the initial evaluation can be done over the phone.) Dr. Goswami will review your medical history and symptoms in-depth with you. According to your needs, he may also perform an imaging evaluation using either an ultrasound and or Xray, both of which are available on-site. He will then make best recommendations based on your individual condition.

Step 2

If your treatment plan includes PreciseCare Cell Therapy™, you’ll then schedule a date for treatment. Our nurse will review with you any special precautions you need to take or any medications that may need to be stopped prior to the procedure.

stem cell injection therapy at PreciseCareStep 3

The day of treatment, you’ll come into our office. Dr. Goswami will go over the steps of the procedure and answer any last-minute questions you may have. The first hour will involve a minimally invasive procedure so we can collect your stem cells. Next, our staff will inspect these cells to ensure they are of the highest quality.

While we’re doing this, you can relax in our leisure area and read a book, watch TV or connect to our Internet on one of your devices. Then, we’ll perform the injection of your stem cells using a tiny needle at the site of disease or injury. We’ll finalize the appointment as you walk out of our office with instructions to ensure optimal recovery.

Step 4

After your procedure, we will continue to follow-up with you. We will assess your level of activity and review your pain level, and make any recommendations as necessary to make sure you are on your way to a rapid recovery.

stem cell injection therapy at PreciseCare


You could decide to get surgery, which will be a painful process with a long recovery…only to get minimal relief.

Or you could schedule a one-on-one evaluation at our office, and learn how PreciseCare Cell Therapy™ could help you get back to living better, in a body that feels better.

We want you to be one of our patients who says: “Every day I can do more”.

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Frequently asked questions

What are regenerative cells and what do they do?

Our physical body is constantly renewing itself. Everyone has regenerative cells in their bodies; they are the body’s repairmen and their main function is healing damaged tissues and replenishing damaged or dying cells. But what is really exciting about regenerative cells in the fat and bone marrow is that they can actually grow new tissues, cartilage and ligament, which is great news for people with arthritis and sports injuries. It’s all a matter of getting one’s own regenerative cells from one part of the body and then introducing them into a damaged area, using stem cell injection therapy, so the healing process can happen.

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

This treatment is very safe, as you are using cells from your own body rather than from another individual. In fact, a blood transfusion is riskier than stem cell therapy. There is a small risk of infection, like with any procedure, which we help to mitigate by prescribing a short course of antibiotics during your treatment.

When can I expect to get back to being active?

We ask that you limit strenuous and heavy exercise for the first 4-6 weeks, but impose no restrictions on your daily routine. At that point, you can then gradually start to increase your desired level of activity. This is normally around the time when most patients start to report feeling less pain and more mobility.

What body areas do you typically treat?

We treat virtually any musculoskeletal injury or arthritis. All major joints, the spine, and soft tissue, ligament, and tendon abnormality causing pain and or decrease in mobility can be addressed.

How much does this treatment cost?

During your initial evaluation, we will review your insurance information, coverage and accordingly advise you on the costs involved.

Will my health insurance cover my treatment or do you accept health insurance?

Insurance coverage varies greatly depending on your condition and the treatment recommended. We are happy to review your insurance during your initial evaluation and let you know what coverage options are available to you.

Is it true that regenerative cells can actually grow new tissue, cartilage & ligaments?

Absolutely! That’s what is exciting about this field — it is all about using the body’s own natural resources to heal itself. With the advent of regenerative medicine, joint replacement surgery may soon become a thing of the past. After all, synthetic drugs are not good for our body, they damage our liver and kidneys while invasive surgery is fraught with risks and comes with prolonged rehabilitation. Regenerative therapy is the wave of the future and will be revolutionizing the medical landscape for years to come.

How soon will I be mobile?

There is, in fact, no restriction to your daily routine immediately following the procedure. We do ask that you limit strenuous and heavy exercise while your new cells are growing. After 4-6 weeks, you’ll gradually start to increase your desired level of activity.

Who is a candidate for PreciseCare Cell Therapy™?

Virtually anyone! Age is not a restriction. Stem cell injection therapy is most commonly recommended for athletes with sports injuries, seniors with severe arthritis, people who may be candidates for joint replacement, and patients who are seeking an alternative to surgical repair of bone and joint problems. If you suffer from joint pain, it is worth your while to see if this treatment is right for you.

How can I schedule an initial evaluation?

To book your one-on-one evaluation with Dr. Goswami, simply click on the navigation link titled Get Started, fill out the brief form, and one of our staff will contact you shortly to finalize the appointment request. Alternatively, you may call us directly: 949.734.9696.

I don't live in the area. Can you still help me?

Yes! We work with many patients who don’t live in the area. Since the procedure is outpatient, requires no anesthesia and has an easy recovery, it is a simple process that doesn’t require a long stay. Please call our office at 949.734.9696, and we can help you with all the planning required for your visit from out of town.

Why should you choose PreciseCare for your stem cell therapy?

PreciseCare-SafetyFirstIllustration_FinalWhile we are not the only medical practice offering stem cell injection therapy, we were one of the first practices in the area to bring our expertise to the community. We have developed an extremely stringent treatment protocol that maximizes your chances of success. Every detail of our procedure has been perfected and refined, from the equipment we use, the tiny needles, how the local anesthetic solution is applied, the collection and processing of your cells and finally the technique behind the delivery of your stem cells to the injured site. Our preparatory protocol further ensures your regenerative cells are at optimal performance on the day of your treatment, allowing for better tissue regrowth. Your treatment includes a 6-month follow-up, not only to confirm that you healing well, but also to make sure you are regaining your mobility and on a path to speedy recovery.

Each step of our PreciseCare Cell Therapy™ process has been borne out of years of experience from performing thousands of minimally invasive procedures. Our protocol, coupled with Dr Goswami’s unique expertise in two specialities, makes the procedure almost painless, not to mention rapid and effective. The procedure has to be done quickly and safely to minimize the amount of time your cells spend outside your body. Therefore the entire treatment is done in the same visit. Your cells never leave the procedure room and no third party vendors are involved. We hold your trust and your cells sacred!

What does all of this mean for you? An improved outcome! We are confident that our innovative regenerative treatment delivers safer and better results. We encourage you to talk to our patients and hear their experiences yourself.

“I had knee and hip arthritis. My knees would swell up after intense sports activity. I had pain in my hips when bending forward or spreading my legs.

I chose PreciseCare because Dr. Goswami has a unique set of medical skills that make him qualified to perform stem cell therapy. I wanted to avoid any hip or knee replacement procedure.

My therapy was about 4 months ago. My hips and knees are both showing great improvement.

I started playing singles tennis and I feel great.”

Steve L.

“Both my wife and I had procedures done in November 2014. We chose PreciseCare because we wanted to avoid surgery.

We both had pain in our knees and were limping, particularly while walking. Gradually, after our procedure, we had no more pain or limping.

Our favorite part about working with PreciseCare was Dr. Goswami’s friendliness and moral support.”

Vijay C.

Find out if PreciseCare Cell Therapy™ is right for you, by scheduling a one-on-one evaluation with Dr. Goswami today. Click the button below to make an appointment request.