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Patient Stories and Testimonials

The most common thing we hear from our patients is: “Every day I can do more.” 

And we want you to have a similar experience.

We invite you to discover how PreciseCare regenerative cell therapy treatments helped people return to doing what they love.

Explore the patient stories on this page. And feel free to contact us to put you directly in touch with people who have already completed our treatment, so they can give a firsthand account of what it was like and describe how they are feeling now.

I couldn’t lift my arms, I was in pain constantly. I went to another doctor and was told I needed a total replacement of the shoulder. I didn’t want to do that.

(After stem cell therapy) I feel great. I can lift my arms. I can lift my arms. I can do things I couldn’t do before. I play golf 3 days a week.

John C.
Business owner & passionate golf player

I had knee and hip arthritis. My knees would swell up after intense sports activity. I had pain in my hips when bending forward or spreading my legs.

I chose PreciseCare because Dr. Goswami has a unique set of medical skills that make him qualified to perform stem cell therapy. I wanted to avoid any hip or knee replacement procedure.

My therapy was about 4 months ago. My hips and knees are both showing great improvement.

I started playing singles tennis and I feel great.

Steve L.

I had heel pain everyday upon waking up in the morning. I work out and am on my feet for work daily, which makes my day feel twice as long with my feet pain.

I tried steroid injections, stretching, a boot and numerous other remedies. I heard a lot about this type of stem cell treatment and know others that have benefited from it.

I did the procedure on November 6th and as of today, December 10th my feet are great. The procedure was not much different pain wise from a steroid injection. The results don’t mask the problem, but fix it. My feet took a few days to start feeling normal, and after that, I have to say I am amazed. My feet are feeling fantastic, and I am so happy to have done this to regain my normal life back.

Dr. Goswami is so great with explaining everything, and his staff was great with making me feel comfortable and informed about every detail.

My feet are my life. When my feet are hurting, it’s no fun and a lot of sitting. My family and work appreciate it almost as much as I do. Thank you PreciseCare for getting my feet back to normal.

Jaime B.
Radiographer & sports enthusiast

Both my wife and I had procedures done in November 2014. We chose PreciseCare because we wanted to avoid surgery.

We both had pain in our knees and were limping, particularly while walking. Gradually, after our procedure, we had no more pain or limping.

Our favorite part about working with PreciseCare was Dr. Goswami’s friendliness and moral support.

Vijay C.
Publisher & zealous traveler

My hip and knee pain made it difficult to sleep, plus I walked with a limp. After a meniscus repair, I had ongoing pain and no improvement.

After undergoing stem cell therapy with PreciseCare, I had immediate relief. The reduced inflammation after the treatment allowed me to do stretching and strengthening exercises, so I could continue the healing process. Additionally, the reduction in my hip pain and joint tightness helped relieve some of the pain in my knee as well.

My pain is now greatly reduced and I’m able to sleep better, without needing analgesics. My favorite part about working with PreciseCare is how knowledgeable, kind and professional their team is.

Cathy C.
Medical devices manager & passionate about Pilates

I have arthritis in my left knee. It was bone on bone. Consequently, I had to cancel many social functions due to severe pain. I had difficulty with stairs, anything with too much walking involved, as well as pain / stiffness if I sat too long.

I chose to work with PreciseCare in order to avoid surgery, downtime and needing the help of friends.

After undergoing PreciseCare Cell Therapy™, I have no more pain. Walking is now comfortable (I no longer use a cane), I can sit for 2 hours with no problems, stairs are becoming easier, and I have not canceled any social events. I’m a happier person and have a better outlook on life. My favorite part about the PreciseCare staff is their kindness, patience and understanding.

Elsa B.

I love to mountain bike, sometimes going on multi-day rides in the Sierras. My ankle was starting to bark back after long rides due to arthritis incurred after multiple sprains in my 20’s. And i was no longer able to run because the pounding severely irritated the ankle.

Dr. Goswami performed his miraculous stem cell injections 12 weeks ago, and I am already biking pain-free. During my follow-up PRP injections (“the fertilizer on the lawn seeds”), imaging showed that the joint surface was already smoothing out. Dr. Goswami said cell proliferation would occur for 8 months, which means I may have 5 more months of improvement ahead!

I am super-excited about my mountain biking continuing, and am dreaming that I may sometime even be able to run a bit again.

Now a bit about the team. Sandra in front is super-helpful and friendly, Ruby in the back room couldn’t be more supportive and kind, and Dr. Goswami is:

  • Understated. He never sold the procedure, and under-promised likely results.
  • Patient. He took his time explaining the process, my condition, and how results are achieved. I never felt he was rushing anything.
  • The best at the procedure. Much technique is involved in stem cell treatment, both in where the cells are pulled from (is your current doctor using bone marrow in addition to fat cells?), and insertion of the cells.

Lastly, without violating patient privacy, know that another ankle patient I am close to was limping severely before the procedure with bone-on-bone and no hope of a surgical correction. After only 10 weeks post-treatment he says he his pain-free for the first time in nearly 20 years, and that he must re-learn how to walk without limping because there is no longer a need to favor his bad ankle.

I am a believer in this new miracle treatment, and according to my research, Dr. Goswami is the best in SoCal at providing it.

Jim P.

Dr. Goswami is very knowledgeable, friendly, and his staff is great. They explain all your options and walk you thru your specific treatment. I had a severe arthritic left knee and after 1 procedure I saw a dramatic improvement. Would definitely recommend to anyone before surgery to at least get an opinion/review of your situation as it is better to heal using your own body stem cells than going under the knife.

Dhar P.

Dr. Goswami was very knowledgeable and caring.  I’m glad we chose him and not another doctor we had visited first in Beverly Hills.  My mother is 84yrs old and both her knees have stage 4 osteoarthritis where there are no longer any cartilage in between the knees.  She had extreme pain when standing or walking.  All the other traditional doctors had said the only option would be surgery.  But at her age, that would be extremely dangerous.  We decided on stem cell treatment instead.  Dr. Goswami and his entire staff were extremely professional.  Shortly after the treatment, my mother already experienced  less pain and is able to walk short distances without the excruciating pain.  We are looking forward to the months ahead as the cells contribute to grow and she improves even more.  I highly recommend Dr. Goswami and his stem cell procedure as an alternative to surgery.

John L.

Very patient Dr. Very nice staff.

Nancy B.

I feel great. I started doing things I couldn’t do before. I started running, I started bending, I started doing sports. I couldn’t do any before. My life is coming back.

Gustavo G.
Proud father & avid soccer player