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Our Safety First Policy

PreciseCare Safety First PolicyMission Statement

To offer safe and effective care for our patients, as well as to provide a safe working environment for our staff.

At PreciseCare, we strive to deliver the best care to our patients in the safety and comfort of our office. Because our treatments do not require stitches or general anesthesia the risk to begin with is extremely low. Following guidelines help us to deliver the best care for our patients and to have a sense of pride in the services we offer.

Our Policy Guidelines

1. Throughout your consultation, leading up to the date of your procedure, the staff at PreciseCare performs a stringent pre-procedure assessment of your health to identify any known or potential risk factors.

2. Strict quality control measures are applied to all clinical and non-clinical operations at PreciseCare. Based on their outcomes and potential impact, protocols are revised and updated.

3. A robust follow-up is included in your treatment planning to maximize the chances of success with documented outcomes.

4. The staff at PreciseCare is required to participate in continued medical education programs to keep abreast of the latest scientific knowledge and then works diligently towards applying that knowledge to all aspects of our day to day practice.

5. At PreciseCare, all equipment is checked at regular intervals to ensure optimum performance and safety compliance.