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Stem Cell Therapy Resources

We invite you to learn more about our regenerative cell therapy. Explore our resources below to discover how this innovative treatment may be able to help you or a loved one.

Educational Articles

We’ve love teaching others about regenerative cell therapy, its benefits and other related health information. These articles are written by our staff here at PreciseCare, to help keep you informed.

Patient Testimonials

The most common thing our patients say to us is: “Every day I can do more.” Hear from them directly regarding their experience with our treatment and our practice.

Safety First Policy

At PreciseCare, we strive to deliver the best care to our patients in the safety and comfort of our office. Learn more about our Safety First Policy.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

We’ve compiled a list of peer-reviewed publications about regenerative cell therapy, organized by joint & injury. Browse this section to find articles based on your area of interest.