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Physician Training

One- on -One Intensive Physician Training on Tissue Harvesting & Regenerative Cell Therapy.

PreciseCare Regenerative Sports Medicine now offers physician training on tissue harvesting and regenerative cell therapy from Owner/Founder, Dr. Gaurav Goswami in Newport Beach, CA. Here at our facilities, we teach, train and guide fellow physicians on real-time, real live treatments on-site with a patient. We customize individual 1:1 training programs that Include live cases and didactic lectures with ample opportunity for discussions with Dr. Goswami and our staff.

Background of Dr. Gaurav Goswami of PreciseCare Regenerative Sports Medicine

Dr. Goswami has performed over 10,000 procedures, over 20 years of medical practice both in academia and private practice settings. His focus has always been immaculate patient care, refining techniques in every aspect of a procedure. Some of the techniques and tools he employs can only be gathered after years of experience in performing high volume of outpatient in-office based procedures. Learn from Dr. Goswami and fast-track your practice to a higher level of care and patient satisfaction. Develop skills in image guided, minimally- invasive office- based outpatient procedures.

Training Courses Offered

Bone Marrow Harvesting Techniques

Adipose Tissue Harvesting Techniques

Spine, Joint & Soft tissue Injections

Kyphoplasty for Vertebral Compression Fracture

Endovenous Ablation for Varicose Vein

Tumescent Anesthesia Techniques

Tuition Cost

Depends on the techniques you wish to learn.

If interested, please email a brief description of your interest and attach a copy of your CV.
Thank you!