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Conditions We Treat

Using PreciseCare stem cell therapy, we’re able to help those with a variety of conditions. Below is a non-exhaustive list, so if you have any questions about whether we can help you with your individual situation, please contact us. If we aren’t the best fit for your needs, we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.

We use regenerative stem cell therapy to treat the following conditions:

Bad Regenerative Cell Therapy from PreciseCare, California

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Don’t let your pain control your life. Harness the power of your stem cells with our regenerative treatments. Stem cell therapy can help regrow damaged tissues, reduce your pain, and improve your mobility. The procedure is safe, quick and involves minimal downtime.

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Regenerative Cell Therapy - Safety First

About Dr. Gaurav Goswami, MD

Dr. Goswami - Stem Cell Therapy Specialist

Dr. Goswami specializes in Regenerative and Restorative Sports Medicine, providing advanced minimally invasive (non-surgical) treatments to athletes of all levels and ages. Tissue preservation, quick recovery, and little to no downtime are the cornerstones of his philosophy.

As a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, Dr. Goswami is focused on utilizing his years of experience to help his patients and athletes reach their maximum potential. Continually motivated by finding better ways to care for his patients, Dr. Goswami regularly holds public lectures and workshops to educate and help patients maintain an active lifestyle.