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knee injury

What’s Wrong with My Knee?

With all our daily activities, sports, and mobile lives, our knees are our most prized assets for getting us around. We sometimes do not realize the pressure and strain we put on our knees and take it for granted until something gives.
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stem cell therapy

Stem Cell Therapy: A Controversy or Breakthrough?

With the emergence of stem cell treatments and clinics around the world, it is reasonable to question is stem cell a medical trend, a fad, or a legitimate medical breakthrough in regenerating and restoring our bodies?
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Regenerative Cell Therapy

The Inside Look of a Pro MMA Fighter’s Journey

Pro athletes know that taking care of their health and well-being is of utmost priority. When a serious injury occurs, their career is on the line. It can be a threatening and unpredictable situation that every athlete dreads. Every pro athlete wants to know they can go to a trustworthy, reliable, highly-experienced sports medicine doctor that can guide them in the right direction and offer them the proper medical treatments for their injury in an era where “snake-oil doctors” are...
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Spin to Support The Arthritis Foundation!

At PreciseCare Regenerative Sports Medicine, we value our community and our active participation to support both local and national causes, with events that help promote excellent health and well-being.  On Oct. 10th, the Arthritis Foundation is sponsoring a fundraising and awareness event in Orange County with a fun, fast-moving, high-energy spin class. PreciseCare will help raise funds for medical research to stop Arthritis, the #1 cause of disability. Our Education and Communications Director will be participating and representing PreciseCare that...
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How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Excellent Health?

What Is Wealth To You? It is a question that many of us individually define as wealth and happiness. For some, it is an insurmountable amount of financial abundance and pure luxuries. For others, it is peace, harmony, and freedom that this life has to offer from within us and without in this physical life. But, what about health? It is an asset that makes us feel vulnerable, mortal and fragile that anything can happen at any given time. Once...
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sports medicine

Optimal Athletic Performance Requires Elite Sports Medicine Care

  As an athlete, we all know that optimal athletic performance not only requires strenuous, consistent training and stamina, but it also requires the ability to quickly deal with injuries and declining performance. Serious athletes are always on the search for top-notch sports medicine practice that performs non-invasive and alternative treatments with integrity. One such alternative that has gained popularity in recent years has been regenerative cell therapy, popularly known as “stem cell treatments”. This treatment has the ability to...
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stem cell clinic

Top 10 Reasons Why Patients Say Our Treatment Is The Best

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a stem cell clinic. However, we truly believe our stringent stem cell therapy protocol is one of the best around. Here’s why: 1. Multiple sources of stem cells are used. Stem cells, also known as regenerative cells, can be harvested from various places in your body: bone marrow, blood, fat and a few others. However, these different sources contain varying amounts of growth factors, as well as...
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