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Is your arthritis, joint pain, or sports injury impacting your quality of life?

Has your doctor recommended surgery, something you’ve put off because you don’t want to undergo a risky, major procedure that requires a lengthy and painful recovery process?

We get it, and you’ve been right to wait.

An easier, safer, and more effective treatment does exist.

I’m Dr. Gaurav K Goswami, MD, and here at PreciseCare, we help people suffering from arthritis, joint pain and sports injuries find relief through regenerative, minimally invasive treatments so they can avoid open surgery, recover more quickly and get back to living a life they love.

What our patients say…

“I can do more, my life is coming back.”

Gustavo G.

Proud father & avid soccer player

“My feet are feeling fantastic, and I am so happy to have done this to regain my normal life back.”

Jaime B.

Radiographer & sports enthusiast

“After our procedure, we had no more pain or limping.”

Vijay C.

Publisher & zealous traveler

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What is regenerative cell treatment? How does it work?

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